Early Help

Early Help is the response made when a professional identifies unmet needs with a child/family and works with other agencies to meet those needs. At this level of need an Early Help Assessment - Signs of Well-being and Success (EHA) should be completed with the child and family to identify, what is working well, what the worries are and what wellbeing and success would look like?  A clear plan will be developed by the agencies with the family that is SMART and is focused on what success will look like for the child/ren.

Any professional from a service that supports families can initiate an Early Help Assessment - Signs of Well-being and Success (EHA) and can be carried out with any child or young person from pre-birth up to age 19 (up to the age of 25 if the young person has a learning difficulty or disability).

The completion of an EHA would trigger a response from different agencies.  A date should be set for a Team Around the Family (TAF) meeting, in order to identify a coordinator, agree the plan and which agency would work to achieve each of the wellbeing goals.

When an agency or TAF are concerned about how to deliver the plan or are unable to identify an appropriate coordinator, the case should be taken to the Early Help and Family Support Panel.

There is a named Early Help Officer (EHO) for every Team around the School.  The EHO's are the district officers, you can find their contact details below and here  

Steve Kemp (Carlisle & Eden) 07557 210979

Karen Ross (Allerdale & Copeland) 07885 405708

Maggie Williams (Barrow & South Lakes) 07768 753541

Rosamund Rowcroft 07920 296122 

Suzannah Gregson 07966 641341

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