What is the Hub

Role of the Cumbria Safeguarding Hub

The Safeguarding Hub will provide a service to Cumbria by :

  • acting as the first point of contact for professionals and members of the public who are raising safeguarding concerns about a child.

  • collating information from different agencies to aid decision making.

  • using  multi-agency  information  effectively  to  decide  the  most  appropriate response to the identified level of need.

  • providing advice and guidance for professionals including support to understand and adhere to Cumbria Early Help Strategy and Guidance.

The Cumbria Safeguarding Hub is a multidisciplinary initiative established with the objective that a joined up, consistent approach is applied to all notifications of  concern relating to the safety of children.

Professionals from the Police, Health agencies, Children’s Social Care, Education, and Independent Domestic Violence Advocate Service are working together to ensure high quality and proportionate support is offered at the earliest opportunity to children, young people and their families.

The  service  will  operate  during  office  hours,  handing  over  to  the  Emergency  Duty Team when the Hub is closed.

The  service will  deal  with  all  enquiries  from  professionals  or  members  of  the public regarding a concern for a child. Enquiries relating to cases which are already allocated to a Social Worker will be transferred to that Social Worker immediately.

The safeguarding hub will operate as the decision-making body, in regard to concerns about a child so that a speedy and appropriate response is secured. In undertaking this task  the  team  will  refer  to  Cumbria  Safeguarding  Board  Threshold  Guidance  and relevant child care legislation.

All partners will offer their oversight and expertise in the two main functions that support the Hub. Firstly screening which considers all enquires that do not require an immediate response and secondly the MASH where more detailed information gathering is required to inform decision making (see also section 5).  All agencies working in the safeguarding screening or MASH teams will have the opportunity to view an enquiry and provide input to the decision making.

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