Domestic Abuse (Tools and Guidance)

MARAC - Threshold Guidance

A MARAC is a meeting where information is shared on the highest risk domestic abuse cases between representatives of local police, health, child protection, housing practitioners, Independent Domestic Violence Advisors (IDVAs), probation and other specialists from the statutory and voluntary sectors.  

Any frontline agency representative that undertakes a risk assessment with a domestic abuse victim, and thereby determines that their case meets the high risk threshold, can refer a victim’s case to a local MARAC. 

The threshold for MARAC is high risk with 14 or more ticks on the SafeLives-DASH Risk Indicator Checklist or where professional judgment warrants a MARAC referral. The purpose of the Dash risk checklist is to give a consistent and simple tool for practitioners who work with adult victims of domestic abuse in order to help them identify those who are at high risk of harm and whose cases should be referred to a MARAC meeting in order to manage their risk. 

Professional judgment referrals can be made by any agency that has a high concern for a victim. The risk factors and the concerns of the referring agency must be clearly documented on the referral form.

DASH Risk Indicator Checklist with Severity of Abuse Grid

DASH Risk Indicator Checklist (Over 60's)

DASH Risk Indicator Checklist (Young People)

Risk Indicator Checklist (Young People's Guidance)

Cumbria MARAC Operating Protocol: external link will open in a new window 

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