Early Help Quality Assurance

As part of Early Help quality assurance the Early Help team undertake a number of measures including, audit, tracking and Service User Feedback. It is also expected that agencies should have their own Early Help Management oversight systems in place as well.

The information and messages from the Early Help Team’s quality assurance work are reported back to the Early Help sub group and disseminated across various cluster groups and forums as well as being used to inform the Early Help Team’s information, advice and guidance about Early Help including Early Help forms and guidance materials, Early Help processes, Supporting Children and Families with Early Help Training.

Audit - Early Help Officers contact coordinators to arrange to either meet face to face (which can include attending a TAF meeting) or request the EHA information to be emailed in for audit. 

Early Help Audit Toolthis external link will open in a new window

Early Help Audit Guidance Toolthis external link will open in a new window

Service User Feedback – Families are contacted by the Early Help Team to ask if they would like to give their views of the Early Help Support which is being undertaken or has taken place, offering a number of ways which families can feed back including Survey Monkey, paper based with pre-paid postage or over the telephone.

Tracking – Early Help Officers will contact coordinators of EHA which have been open for 12 months to offer an opportunity for coordinators to discuss the Early Help answering any questions and queries about the EHA support.

Supporting Families with Early Help Training – dates for training can be found on the Early Help Training page

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