Purpose of Cumbria`s Safeguarding Hub

  • The Safeguarding Hub’s only purpose is to provide a front door for Children and Young People’s Social Work services in Cumbria, where children’s needs cannot be met at an Early Help level. 
  • In line with the agreed information sharing agreement, the multi-agency partners present in the Safeguarding Hub will analyse and share information on contacts where this is deemed necessary and make recommendations about next steps. The decision about next steps rests with the Children and Young People’s Social Work Team Manager. 
  • Unless there is a risk of harm as a result of obtaining consent, the Safeguarding Hub expects that families are aware and consent to any contacts that are made in respect of their children. If this is not the case a decision will be made whether the contact warrants further action and information sharing.
  • Contacts that are assessed as not needing further social work intervention may be signposted to other agencies or a recommendation may be made for Early Help to be put in place.
  • Contacts that are about families that are already open to Children and Young People’s Social Work services or that have been closed within the last three months of the new contact, will be directed to the relevant local children services office for a decision to be made.

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