More about Child Sexual Abuse

In 2014, the Children’s Commissioner undertook an inquiry into child sexual abuse in the family environment. Some of the findings from the report, published in November 2015, are listed below:

  • The estimated proportion of children that suffer sexual abuse is about 11%. Two thirds of child sexual abuse takes place within the family environment or the close circle around it.
  • Only one in eight children in England who are sexually abused come to the attention of statutory authorities.
  • Children often do not recognise that they have been abused until they are older. 
  • Professionals working with children need additional support to help them identify victims of sexual abuse. 
  • Child sexual abuse in the family environment often comes to the attention of statutory and non-statutory agencies as a result of a secondary presenting

Click on the link below for more information about sexual abuse.

NSPCC - information about sexual abuse


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