Children`s Centre Services

0-19 CHILD & FAMILY SUPPORT SERVICE - The Council commissioned a new 0-19 Child and Family Support Service late 2019. This is a different service to the previous Early Help Services 0-12 years. The new service is part of the 0 -19 Child, Young Person and Family Health and Wellbeing System  - which is a system approach across the whole of Cumbria. Through a competitive tender exercise, in line with the Procurement Regulations and the Councils Contract Procedure Rules the new 0 – 19 Child and Family Support Service contracts were awarded to:




Family Action

Barrow –in-Furness





South Lakes

Action for Children

The Contracts are for a duration of 3 years 3 months (starting January 2020) with the option to extend by two periods of 1 year. For further information the new 0-19 Child and Family Support Service click here.

CHILDREN'S CENTRE SERVICES IN CUMBRIA - Children's Centre Services in Cumbria are delivered through commissioned arrangements with Third Sector Providers via Child and Family Support (0 to 19) contracts.  
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