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CUMBRIA CVSthis external link will open in a new window - Cumbria Council for Voluntary Service (Cumbria CVS) offers help, advice, training and support to the third sector groups throughout Cumbria.  They can also help with promoting your local volunteering opportunities through the do-it website, local volunteer vacancies, to potential volunteers and social media.

INSPIRA - Careers Information Advice and Guidance and Tracking National Citizen Service.

NACROthis external link will open in a new window - Help for young people to gain skills and opportunities working alongside or instead of mainstream education, young people who may experience difficulties at both home and school.

OPERATION ENCOMPASS TEACHERS' HELPLINE - Are you concerned about a child or children in your school who are experiencing domestic abuse?  Operation Encompass Teachers' Helping is funded by the Home Office and Department for Education would like to offer a FREE advice and a professional dialogue with an Education Psychologist about how to be support them. Call the Operation Encompass Teachers' Helpline on 0204 513 9990 Monday to Friday 8.00am to 1.00pm

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