DARAC - Domestic Abuse Risk Assessment for Children

Who this course is for?
This course is for frontline practitioners from across the partner agencies who may come into contact with children and young people where Domestic Abuse is a factor.  This includes but is not limited to; social workers, children and family workers, targeted youth support and teaching staff.

These learning events are multi-agency training sessions on the use of the Barnardo's DARAC (Domestic Abuse Risk Assessment for Children - formerly DVRIM).  The sessions will also cover in brief; Domestic Abuse and the impact on children.

The DARAC training aims to assist multi-agency staff and social work staff to:

  • Identify risks to children from Domestic Abuse

  • Make decisions of whether a case presents as in need of a safeguarding response or early help

  • To help staff to make appropriate interventions for children, non-abusing parent and perpetrators 

What is the DARAC?
DARAC helps practitioners:

  • Identify risks to children from DA and begin the risk assessment process

  • Decide whether a case needs a safeguarding response or family support

  • Identify appropriate interventions for the children, the non-abusing parent and the abusive father / father figure

DARAC supports professional judgement in 2 key areas:

  • What is the level of risk to the child?

  • Is there risk that abuse / violence will escalate, or that the level of risk will increase? 

Duration:  3 hours

Cost: Free

The list of dates and venues:


Further dates TBC


Further dates TBC


Further dates TBC

To book your place on this course please:
The course booking process for all Cumbria County Council staff members has changed to self-service, resulting in staff booking their own courses through MyHR. Full guidance is available through links on InTouch and access to user guides are also available. As a result of these changes the booking process has become fully automated and confirmation and venue information (previously joining instructions) will be communicated through emails to both individuals and managers. Where a user does not have access to MyHR, then it will be the responsibility of their line manager to book them on the course.

Booking process for non-Cumbria County Council staff members including schools, please complete a BOOKING FORMthis external link will open in a new window and return to: ldadmin.team@cumbria.gov.uk

For any queries about the course, please email CSCP@cumbria.gov.uk 

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