CSCP Training and Learning Events


Due to the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, the CSCP have agreed to deliver certain training courses virtually via Microsoft Teams. 

As part of its Learning and Improvement Strategy, the CSCP provides a series of multi-agency safeguarding training and learning events, and opportunities which include core safeguarding training events, specialised courses, along with briefing sessions and conferences.

CSCP multi-agency safeguarding training is offered to staff and volunteers who come into contact with children, young people and/or families.

The training is delivered at different levels and learning events and courses are organised into 3 key areas:

  • Safeguarding Awareness which includes eLearning and safeguarding responsibilities workshops

  • Safeguarding Intermediate which includes multi-agency face-to-face workshops designed to assist multi-agency working

  • Safeguarding  Enhanced/Specialist  which  includes  multi-agency  face-to-face  workshops designed to assist specific staff groups


Training and Learning Events


Learning & Improvement Programme and Strategy

 including Good Practice Catalogue

Quick Guides

As a result of Covid-19 all of our face to face training has been temporarily suspended. In the meantime we intend to offer some thematic training in the form of ‘a Quick Guide to ….’ which contains links to websites and key literature to support professionals in their learning and development.

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