Complex Safeguarding Team

The Complex Safeguarding Teams will focus on Child Exploitation (CE) and Missing. There is a Complex Safeguarding Team in each authority, one in Cumberland and one in Westmorland and Furness. There is a Pan Cumbria policy for Child Exploitation and Children who go Missing from Care or Home, however the team’s functionality may differ between the authorities. 

The Child Exploitation Intervention Workers (CEIW) who sit within each of the Complex Safeguarding Teams will undertake Return Home Interviews and support the development of safety plans for missing. 

Further details can be found within 'Complex Safeguarding Team Overview' document

If you need to discuss a concern regarding a child who you suspect is at risk of exploitation, please email one of the Complex Safeguarding Team Managers to discuss your concerns using the appropriate council mailbox below.

Cumberland Team -
  • Belinda Worrall (Complex Safeguarding Team Manager)
  • Joanne Dixon (Senior CEIW)
  • Lauren Waugh (CEIW)
  • Sarah Sayer (CEIW)
  • Mark Pearson (CEIW)
  • Alison Dacre (CEIW)

Westmorland and Furness Team -
  • Amanda Burrow (Complex Safeguarding Team Manager)
  • Sarah Duncumb (CEIW)
  • Debra Gundry (CEIW)
  • Alison King (CEIW)
  • Nicola Moorby (CEIW)
  • Susan Jones (Return Home Interview Worker, RHI)

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