Police Information Sharing to Early Help Assessment Coordinators

Police and Early Help Team : Police Information Sharing 

From 21 June 2021, when Cumbria Police are called out to a family where there is a registered Early Help Assessment in place, they will now share information about the incident directly with Early Help coordinators.

You will receive the email via egress and the Early Help mailbox will be copied in.

What will be in the Police information sharing email?

Safeguarding HUB Officers will email Early Help coordinators directly with information, when there has been a Police call out to a family with a registered Early Help Assessment – Signs of Well-being and Success, sharing it under Section 115 of the Crime and Disorder Act 1998.

The Police email will include details of the incident including:

  • The name of the family, children/young people involved and address
  • Details of the incident
  • A summary of what is working well, worries and advice on next steps for supporting with Early Help

What to do if you receive an email from the Police regarding a family you are the Early Help Assessment coordinator for:

As the Early Help Assessment coordinator, you are responsible for sharing information with the family and TAF agencies.
  • Speak to the family about the incident and the information
  • Review the Early Help Family Action Plan with the family and at the TAF meeting, ensuring that the Family Action Plan includes Well-being and Success goals and actions to support the family regarding the incident

Who to contact for further advice regarding the Police information:

Please contact the Early Help Team if you would like to discuss the information shared from the Police further, do not contact the police.

If you have received an email from the Police with information but you are no longer the Early Help coordinator or the Early Help Assessment has closed, please complete the relevant form from the links below to ensure our details are update to date:

  1. Submit an Online Early Help Change of Coordinator form or Online Early Help Closure form
  2. Email the Police information to the Early Help Teamearly.help@cumbria.gov.uk stating you are no longer the Early Help coordinator or that the Early Help Assessment has closed and include the completed on-line Change of coordinator or Closure form ID number
  3. Delete the email and information from your email account

Please ensure that information regarding any Early Help Assessments you are coordinating is current, so all information is shared with the correct person.

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